Battlefield V Controversy, and the Siege of Internet.

In May 23, 2018, the official Battlefield YouTube Channel upload a video called “Battlefield 5 Official Trailer’. The video is currently sitting in 10+ million views. But the Like:Dislike ratio is like 50:50.

As you may expected, the internet is being split into 2 again. And this isn’t something new. The comments on the video is criticizing the game. As you may see from the trailer the game is going to be about World War 2, which is the bloodiest battle in history.

I’ll be honest, if I hear the word “World War 2”, I always think about the D-Day landings, “Japanese Infantry!!”, Stalingrad, Swatikas and so fourth. But the trailer however seems to a bit off. It’s to catastrophic to be honest and it doesn’t feel like what a Battlefield game is. I mean, Battlefield game is very chaotic, with advance level evolution unlike other game, which what makes the game very unique. But everything that is happening in the trailer feels like something from a Call Of Duty (Which isn’t a bad thing, I’m not a fan boy BTW). But there is also something that seems a little too ‘unique’ for me. And that is the woman in the trailer. I acknowledge that in during WW2, women do serve. And she’s probably Australian (Since they played a major role for the Aussies). But what I wanna know, is why she had a Prosthetic arm. I’m pretty sure the combatants must be in healthy shape, like you can’t even serve if you wear glasses.

But I’ll go in-depth to what I think after I gather all the facts, information and the people reaction.


The game will set in World War 2, I think that’s obvious by now if you’ve been following the development itself. The game will be ‘fast’, the gameplay will shift from your 1 man army to squad like plays. The game will also have buildings mechanic. Well, moe like fortification. To put it more simply, do you know those tycoons game on Roblox, yeah something like that. From the official reveal trailer video that I mention earlier, the description says something along the lines of a ‘never before-seen potrayal of WW2’. Now, I don’t know what they meant by this. It could mean that they’re  going to focus on story that were never mention in WW2, or they’re going to portray WW2 in a very extreme manner. Like that redhead, prosthetic woman we saw earlier in the trailer. While the gameplay has never been shown (at least after I finished this blog), I’m looking forward to see what Dice had to offer.


Now, this is a part where things gonna get very very controversial, if you don’t like political bullshit, I recommend you to skip this one. But let’s be real, that’s why you’re here in the first place.

Now, there are two sides for this controversy: the people who defended the game, and those who criticize the game. But to be more exact, 2 sides missing the point. But I’ll tell you that later.

First we start with historical nuts. Obviously, this are nitpicking ones that always point out even a small inconsistency. However, that’s pretty much what happen with every single thing that is related to history in general. So historical nuts is not new.

Secondly, we have the defenders and I’m going to put it in 2 different category:


Honestly, this are definitely the worst kinds of people. And they obviously going to have a pretty biased opinion(I’m a bit hypocritical just by saying that, but being a hypocrite doesn’t validate my point.) Essentially, most of them seems to assume that historical nuts is being TRIGGERED just because there’s a women in the trailer and calling them sexist and misogynistic. But obviously, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They do not hate the fact that there’s a woman, it just they are criticising the portrayal and representation. You see, the women in the trailer is obviously British, and during WW2 they do not serve on frontline. But they work as factory workers, which just as important. On top of that as well, she’s disable which is why people are criticising it. If, instead the woman in the trailer is replaced with let’s say a Norwegian, French or Russian, than I don’t thing people will bitch about it.


And then the most predictable one. And just like the White Knights, they completely miss the point. I belief there’s someone tweeted about how her grandmother have a shrapnel in her thigh, which doesn’t mean anything. It’s also very vague, she never really explain why her grandmother have those shrapnel in here thigh(Although I could be wrong). And  there’s an article written by TheVerge which is completely missing the point (Which I can’t give a link so you to search it using browser something along the lines of ‘Battlefield V fans that failed history’). Now, let’s review the third-party argument.


And now we have people that their argument  that cannot be dispute. Like, fucken Albert Einstein literally dies trying to argue with it. But what is it that the argument is so great that it’s the real reason why Steven Hawking die, well it’s very simple and only require 4 words:


Honestly, if this is you argument to dispute one’s argument. Then please shot yourself with a .50  as your nothing but just a cell. Seriously, this is what I hear when historical nuts trying criticise the game. Let me say this, you saying this doesn’t add anything to the conversation. If anything, your opinion get disregarded.

My Conclusion:

Battlefield can be define as semi-realistic. While a bit realistic, it’s still arcady. The devs has stated that they will always “Fun over authenticity” while saying they will always be “The right side of history”. Overall, just play post scriptum if you like realism. And don’t bother to buy if you know you’re gonna hated it. Good day ladies and gentleman.




Fortnite And PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is not better than the other.

Recently back in 2017, a game has been released by ‘Bluehole Studio’ called PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. The lead director and designer, Brandon Greene or mostly known as his online persona, ‘PlayerUnknown’ has taken inspiration from the movie, ‘Battle Royale’. The plot summary of the movie is quite long so I decided to tell it, the ‘in a nutshell style’. The Japanese government decided that they want to fuck with people so kidnapped a group of student on a field trip and tell them to kill each other until 1 of them survive. Messed up, doesn’t it? Well, essentially that is whole genre of the game called ‘Battle Royale’.

pubg screen.jpg

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

100 or so players is dropped from a plane and they will parachuted on a land that they choose to mark on a map. After they landed, they will loot for weapon, bulletproof vest, helmet and ammunition. After that, you either avoid any firefight, engage in it, or run towards it. After killing an enemy, you can loot their item. They either has better item, useful item or worser item. The last person to survive is the winner. The game doesn’t acknowledge your kill/death ratio. “You can have 99 kills but can still lose” – RussianBadger. The game has grown huge popularity with 2.7m players on Steam. Personally, I’ve very much surprise. I’ve never thought games like Counter-Strike:Global Offensive and DOTA 2 get kicked from their throne of ‘Most Played Games on Steam’. The game itself is very, and I mean very popular. To the point where there’s suddenly a ton of people trying to replicate that success(Capitalism).


Example of Pubg ‘Clone’

IN July 25th 2017, Epic Games, the creators behind Unreal Tournament release a game called ‘Fortnite : Battle Royale’. The game’s objective is the same as Battleground, but the game mechanic is different. For instance, you start with a pickaxe which you can use to gather resources, which in Battleground you start with nothing. In Fortnite, there’s building mechanic you can use to avoid being shot at, and you can build by gaining enough resources. The weapons in fortnite uses a ranking system, meaning some gun are better than the other. Fortnite become very popular because it’s easier to play and it’s free. It also pretty much on every platform after they release the game on to mobile.

But the question that people seem to be asking is, which game are better? And to that I say, neither game are bad. Pubg is not better than Fortnite. And Fortnite are not better than Pubg. The game is different in every way. Pubg is going for the much realistic survival setting. Meanwhile, Fortnite is going for much cartoony setting. But is that a bad thing? No. It’s not. Preference is everything when it comes to playing video game. Don’t play a game that you hate simply because everyone love it or people make fun of you if you play the game X and not Y. To reiterate, if you want to play a battle royale game that has a massive map and much more realistic gameplay, than PubG is your choice. But if you like a cartoony smaller map with emotes than play Fortnite.



Why Politicians Don’t Understand Video Games?

Following my previous entry, I wrote about the Parkland Shooting that occurred in the U.S. The article is about Video Game violence and why they are not related. But I digress, and let’s focus on something else entirely, or let’s talk about something that actually related to the headline of this entry.

As we all know, video gaming is just another formed of entertainment. However, unlike movies, TV shows or books, video game is a very unique aspect of entertainment . Combining both videos and  games, it is revolution for entertainment media other than TV. It was revolutionised in 1972, with the creation of ‘Magnavox Odyssey’. Since then, the games, their console and platforms get better and better.

In the public eyes, video game is a waste of time. And I couldn’t agree more, despite my love for them. But let’s keep it that way, because that’s what make people like shut-in or a ‘Neet’ to enjoy or talk about. Video Games were never a ‘cool’ thing, but that’s what separate us Gamers from other people. Including people in the gaming community.

But now for whatever reason, it seems that Video Game is facing a problem. Mainly, as I like to called it, ‘Rich, influential and powerful people talk about something that is something out of their league’. Or to put it precisely, Politician talks about Video Games.

Video Games industry is already worse as it is, with company like ‘Electronic Arts’ and their scummy business practice. It’s definitely is a worse time for Gamers, and Video Game industry in general. And then school shooting happen, which make it even worse for the Gaming Community (the industry and us gamers).

I’ve seen countless article says the same thing over and over again. What’s worse, there are journalists that complain about Video Games Violence. But when Donald Trump says the same thing, they immediately eject their statement and jump on the defence for Video Games. Personally speaking I don’t like Trump, but if you gonna be bias or suddenly change your mindset just because someone you disagree politically says the same thing as you. Then you have officially lost your credibility as a journalists, and it also apply to you, a reader, and me.

But focus on the situation at hand, it seems like for some reason politics blames Video Game for everything. They don’t even try to acknowledge why and the actual, legitimate reason for these shootings. They try to pin this on something, or someone else. As if they try to distract you from something important. Something that actually matters.

In conclusion, if politician want to talk about video games. Then I kindly ask them to actually have legitimate basis for their reasoning. Not just “Vido gaem is bed, very bed”. Doing actual research than spewing baseless slander.

Is Video Game Encouraging Violence?

On 14th February 2018, a mass shooting happened at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School where 17 people were killed and 17 more injured. Nikolas Cruz, is the cause of this horrendous event. The man in question was already put on solitary confinement. While justice is served for the victims and the victims parents, and siblings, two main topics have arisen. The first one is , assault rifle ban. The shooter used a rifle called ‘AR-15’ which is a semi-automatic (it can shoot 1 bullet per trigger pull) which is chambered with ‘5.56x45mm NATO’ or ‘.223 Remington’. This rifle is what you call a ‘Sporting Rifle’, which is used for target shooting, sports and self-defense. This is civilian issued rifle.



download (1)

5.56x45mm NATO

download (2)

.223 Remington

Now, I don’t want to talk about this because it’s not what this entry about. I want to focus on another topic, which is the main reason why this blog exist in the first place. That is the topic for another day. The topic that we will focus on is ‘Video Game violence’.

President of United States of America, Donald J. Trump said in an interview that the media, video games and movies can cause this terrific event. While that might be true, but common citizens have this thing called ‘common sense’. They know that simply having max prestige on Call Of Duty or 6 Billion: 1 kill death ratio doesn’t mean that they are able to shot a gun accurately. But here’s a thing, can they really cause violence and encourage young mind that “violence is okay”?

download (3).jpg

My Favourite Video Games Of All Time.

Now speaking from experience, I never once thought of shooting my school whenever I play video game. I think the type of people that do these things might have a mental problem or just having a problem with rational thinking. As for normal people, I believe that they won’t do such a thing. And some of the school shooters  are either abused at home, or  bullied at school. These are probably most likely cause then blaming a silly game for mass shootings or other violence. The cause of these shootings is not guns, nor media entertainment, but it’s the problem with the individual themselves. Ergo, we should all improve the quality of our lives instead of moaning about something petty and insignificant.